Depending on specific customer needs, Polytec Intralogistics offers expert advice to design and implement the best technological solution.

Mobile robots by Polytec Intralogistics adopt advanced techniques for localisation and navigation. The powerful multi-agent localisation algorithms developed by the company enable the robots to be installed even in particularly complex and dynamic environments.

Natural navigation means that the robot identifies its position by continuously comparing the position of obstacles detected in the environment with their position on a previously collected static map. This technology can be effectively combined with techniques that dynamically recompose the map, updating it in real time without requiring any infrastructure in the environment.

When the characteristics of the environment do not permit effective mapping, it is possible to employ laser triangulation techniques, which, with a small infrastructure in the environment, offer greater accuracy and repeatability in positioning.

Where a redundant localisation system or greater precision at certain points are required, such as when accessing loading and unloading stations, both techniques can be employed, combining natural navigation with laser triangulation.

Reflective elements can be added to the environment at only a few strategic points, minimising the impact on the overall infrastructure.

Where maximum precision and predictability are required, such as assembly lines, techniques such as coloured line tracking or the use of magnetic and electromagnetic systems can be employed.

For precise, absolute, or relative positioning systems, vision systems can be used for the identification of environmental markers such as QR codes or data matrix codes or the identification of elements in the environment via artificial intelligence algorithms.